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LC Community Engagement – Sharing Stage

Beginning on April 28, 2016, Landmark Collegiate will facilitate a community engagement through the online group insight platform, Thoughtexchange. We invite all parents/guardians of children attending our school  to take part in this unique and exciting opportunity to share their thoughts. Contribute to the conversation, and help our school identify community-shared priorities, appreciations, and concerns.  The results of this engagement will help inform future decisions at the school and divisional levels. Participation is voluntary but as our partners in the… Read More

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Coffee for Care

A group of grade 8 students planned and implemented a fundraiser for Siloam Mission during their learning in our Learning Project class. Siloam Mission serves 1 million cups of coffee every year, but coffee isn’t donated often. So they developed a plan to have a coffee drive last week at LC. Students organized everything from communication with staff to a prize incentive to help peak student interest. With the donations of coffee and money we were able to collect 14 containers… Read More

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