In Grade 7, we learn about earth science and all the different parts that make up our physical earth. We learn about rocks and minerals, earthquakes and volcanoes, and how our earth has changed over time.  We discuss many natural resources we depend on, such as iron for building materials, petroleum gas for driving vehicles, and geothermal energy for heating homes. We also study environmental concerns around the production and usage of our natural resources and discuss responsible ways to use these resources.

On January 27th, the Grade 7 students from Landmark Collegiate had the opportunity to take their study of Geology beyond the classroom when they visited the University of Manitoba to participate in the U of M Geology Outreach program.  Students were able to learn from Geologists in an environment full of earth science resources.  They learned about the different criteria Geologists use to classify rocks and minerals and performed some basic tests used to identify rocks and minerals.  Students explored the three main types of rocks, Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary, and learned how these rock types are formed and what shapes can been seen in these rocks that can help with identification. Students had the opportunity to explore petrography, which is using specialized microscopes to see different shapes and colors within the three main rock types. Students got to see first hand how earthquakes from around the world are detected during our tour of seismic vault at the U of M. Students also had the chance to get their earthquake related questions answered by a Geophysicist doing an undergrad degree in Seismology. Students then got to explore some of the state of the art lab facilities right on campus that are instrumental to research in the field of Geology. Students also had the chance to learn about different career paths, if they chose to further their study of earth sciences in the future.

The Grade 7’s trip to the Department of Geological Sciences at the U of M gave students the opportunity to explore Geology in a way they never could have in the classroom.  This learning partnership was an awesome way to learn about Geology in a meaningful way that hopefully sparked some interest in the earth sciences.

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