Helpful Resources for both Mind and Body Well-Being

The LC Wellness Page has been created by Carlee Penner (Guidance Counsellor) and Jessica Parisien (Social Worker).  It’s purpose is to provide access to a variety of resources that may help students, staff, and parents maintain their physical and mental health. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Carlee Penner at

I Need to Talk To Someone

  • Starting the Conversation click here 
  • If you or someone you know needs immediate assistance call: Manitoba Crisis Service 1-888-617-7715 Manitoba Suicide Line 1-877-435-7170 You may also call the above numbers if you or someone you know threatens suicide, talks about wanting to die, talks about feeling worthless, hopeless, deliberately harms themselves, or appears out of control or reckless. Other Contacts through email from 9:00am to 3:45pm Monday to Friday: Ms. Carlee Penner (School Counsellor) also available by Google Hangouts Ms. Jessica Parisien (School Social Worker) Or, reach out to a teacher, family member, relative, or family friend.
  • Health Clinic at the SRSS 
  • Kids Help Phone Line

I Would Like to Study More Effectively (click on the You Tube video links below)

I Want to Maintain Overall Health (click on the You Tube video links below)

I am Feeling Stressed/Anxious (click on the You Tube video links below)

What is Stress? It’s likely that all of us have experienced a bit of stress these past few months. Check out a little bit about how stress affects not only our minds, but our bodies too!

I am Having Trouble Focusing/Being Motivated (click on the You Tube video links below)

When we have trouble focusing, often times we will procrastinate on our “To-Do List”. Doing schoolwork from home means that we have to be even MORE organized in how we manage our time. Here’s some tips on how to avoid procrastinating and get what you need to DONE.

I am Having Trouble Sleeping