Grade 7 Students Participate in Project 11

This is the second year that the grade 7s are taking part in PROJECT 11, a mental wellness initiative created by the Winnipeg Jets in honour of Rick Rypein. Recognizing that life is stressful, students need tools to create balance. The lessons in the program encourage students to be more self-aware of their mental, physical, emotional and social health, to be more empathetic, and to build stronger relationships. The topics covered in the curriculum make it possible to admit that life isn’t always going well for everyone, that it is important to be ourselves, that we are important, that we need to be there for each other, and that there are ways to get help. Rick Rypein wanted his life experiences to help young people; Project 11 is doing that! Students are beginning to talk if things aren’t going well. You can learn more about this initiative at

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