The following letter outlines Manitoba Education Response Plan for education during COVID- 19 suspension of classes.

Important Grade 9 – 12 April 2020 Report Card Explanation (Sent on Friday, April 17, 2020)
The percentage numbers recorded represent a fair and accurate assessment of the achievement completed by your
child from February 3 through March 20. This number represents “the Baseline” mark as described by Manitoba
Education. Students who complete assignments, tests and projects from March 20, 2020 forward can increase that
baseline grade. The June 2020 report card will report either the Baseline grade or the improved grade. The June 2020
report card mark cannot be lower than the baseline grade. This is in response to the Minister of Educations assurance
that no student will be held back due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Manitoba Education Learning Expectations – The province has established some guidelines for “Learning at Home”.
Teachers will continue to plan, prepare and communicate learning experiences to their students as well as monitor
and assess their learning. Assessment will be mainly anecdotal to help students improve their learning. There will be
less emphasis on assessment for marks. Students are expected to continue to participate in learning, complete
assignments and regularly communicate with their teachers. While students are learning at home, they will have an
opportunity to demonstrate a deeper understanding of course material which will be reflected on the final report card
in June. We are expecting a provincial directive regarding holding students accountable for “recovery learning” if
students choose not to engage in their assignments.

For grade 7 and 8 the focus will be on literacy and numeracy with opportunities for science and social studies
outcomes to be integrated. Learning will also incorporate physical/health education and the arts through cross
curricular planning. Teachers will prioritize learning expectations/outcomes and plan specific curriculum-related tasks
for students.

The recommendation is to plan for approximately 10 hours of work per week or 2 hours a day. This includes teacher
video lessons or whole class contact, not just work. It should be noted that students work at different paces. Some
students may take less time while others may take more time to complete assigned work. At Landmark Collegiate,
grade 7 and 8 teachers are looking to plan for about half an hour of work per day for math and ELA each, and half an
hour for Science or Social Studies or 15 min each. Students should also spend about 15 minutes a day on PE, Band/Art
and French.

For Grade 9 – 12 it is recommended that teachers plan for 3 hours of curriculum-based learning per course per week
for semestered courses, and 1.5 hour of learning per course per week for non semestered courses.
All students will receive a final grade and report card in June. Gasp in learning will be identified on the June report
card. A provincial directive is forthcoming.

Graduation 2020

Specific planning will take place to ensure that all students with the necessary credits to graduate will graduate. Every
student who is eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate. Students moving on to post-secondary
studies will not be penalized. The provincial government will be working with postsecondary institutions to ensure
these extraordinary circumstances do not prevent students from being eligible for admission to post-secondary
studies in the upcoming school year.

Work Experience Courses
All work experience programs have been suspended. Students will be granted their credits if classes do not resume.
Students are asked to submit their hours up to March 20, 2020 to Mr. Wallace as soon as possible. Decisions around
students continuing to work for the employer are solely the responsibility of parents or guardians. In these
circumstances, it will be important for students to understand their right to refuse work if they identify hazards in the
course of their duties.

High-Speed Internet Access for Community in Landmark
Hanover School Division is committed to finding new and creative ways to support Learning@Home. During this
period of suspended classroom learning, HSD is piloting a new high-speed Internet service for our school community in
The expansion of our wireless footprint will facilitate learning from home by providing communities that have limited
access to high-speed Internet service, with FREE access to high-speed filtered Internet via a designated access point on
school property (bus loop).
The HSD Free WiFi Network is accessible 8:00 am – 8:00 pm daily, and users must be within proximity of the Landmark
Collegiate bus loop. Community members are reminded to practice proper social distancing when using this service
and to avoid congregating in groups. Please note that HSD monitors access to the network, and all web traffic is

Additional Resources
Parents and students can find additional information and resources at the following websites:

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