To parents, guardians of students coming to grade 7,

I would like to welcome you to Landmark Collegiate. Some of you already have children attending our school and for others this is your first year here.  But you all have a child who is unique in their own way coming into our school and we want to make sure that they feel welcome and belong here. We have some terrific grade 7 teachers who will be do their best in making your child feel comfortable and that their experience at Landmark Collegiate is a positive one.

I will be sending a newsletter to all parents later today, but I thought I would share a bit of information about our school. I may not answer all your questions in these letters, so feel free to contact any of your child’s teachers or Mr. Scott Reimer (our vice principal) or myself.

One of the strengths about our school is that the staff know the students personally and as learners. This connection helps students feel that they belong, and that people care for them. This helps teachers make adaptations and accommodations sooner so that students are able to learn to the best of their ability.

On the first day of school, your child should come into the east entry doors as that is the area of the school where their classrooms are. Staff will be around to welcome and guide students to their classrooms.  Class lists will be posted in the hall and your child should go to their first class. They will spend most of their day with Mr. Pecold and Ms. Robinson who will help them get settled including assigning them a locker.  I will have a few more details about the first day in my newsletter to all parents.

Homerooms placements at Landmark Collegiate are used more to place students. As students progress through middle school to high school they will have more teachers who specialize in certain subjects. For example, Ms. Robinson will teach both classes Math and Mr. Pecold will teach both classes ELA. Ms. McDonald will teach all grade 7’s French and Art for those that have chosen Art. Those that have chosen Band will have Ms. Friesen. You can find your child’s timetable in the parent portal.

Many of our staff spend a lot of time providing extra curricular opportunities that often take place after school. Interscholastic sports in particular are very popular at our school with volleyball season starting in the fall.  Any student who wants to play on a sports team will be able to play. We do not have tryouts in the middle years. There will be a small fee to help offset the costs of the refs and students will need to purchase a school T-shirt that they can use for all sports in grade 7 and 8.

Lunch hour is from 12:35 – 1:25. During this time we ask that students eat in their homeroom from 12:35 – 12:50. We do run a hot lunch program which can be found on our website and orders can be placed through there. We also have a couple of microwaves available in the halls for students to use. Once they are finished eating, they are free to visit with friends in the other classroom. They do not need to go outside, but we do encourage them to do so, especially while the weather in nice. Flatland Drop In will open it’s doors for our students to go to at lunch. A schedule will be provided at a later date. Once the weather turns colder, we will make the gym available for different grades to use. The park across from the school is another place that students can go hang out, provided that they keep it clean. Landmark Collegiate students should not go the Landmark Elementary School to play.

We will assume that your child has permission to leave the school campus, as some parents do allow their child to go to a friend’s place or to the Coop during the lunch hour. If you do not want your child leaving the school, please contact the office.

As at the elementary school, our teachers use Google Classroom to post work and assignments. You can ask your child to log in so you can see what assignments have been assigned and which have been completed.

Most students have already made their choice between Band or Art. If your child is thinking of switching courses, we need to do that in the first week. But please remember that they will not be able to switch to Band in grade 8 if they missed grade 7 Band. It is easier to switch from Band to Art, but not the other way around. We also do not allow students to switch courses during the school year. We want students to make the commitment for the year and then make the change for grade 8.

There is a First Note Workshop for all grade 7 Band students on Monday, September 12 at 7:00 pm in the band room. Ms. Friesen has hired clinicians to come in and work with students and help them learn to play their instruments.

All grade 7 to 9 students attend Tech. Ed. and Home Ec. at another school. The grade 7’s will go to Mitchell Middle school. 7A will go on day 3 and 7B will go on day 4. The bus will leave our school at 9:30 am and return at 12:00 pm. Students will be divided into two groups with half the students taking Tech. Ed and the other half taking Home Ec. till February 2. On February 6 they will switch and take the class they did not take in the first half of the year. Students will be expected to ride the bus safely and cooperatively or they may not be able to attend this program.

It is strongly recommended that grade 7 students do not bring their cell phones to school as we have found that many are unable to stay focused in class or get caught up in social-emotional issues that distract them from learning. We do have a cell phone contract that we will require both student and parent/guardian to read and sign should they feel they need to bring their phone to school. The contract will stipulate that the cell phones will not be allowed in class. Mr. Reimer will hand that to students in the first week of school. We do have a student phone across from the office that students can use during the breaks and parents can leave messages with the office should they need to contact their child.

Our Open House is on Thursday, September 8 from 5:30 to 7:00. This will be a great opportunity to come meet your child’s teachers. I will have a few more details in the newsletter to all parents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. We feel that educating your child is a partnership and we want to work with you in providing your child the best educational experience.

We hope your child has their best year yet and enjoys becoming a Sixer.

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