Re: Landmark Collegiate Fundraiser Starts this week

Each year, Landmark Collegiate runs one major school fundraiser that supports all student activities not normally funded by regular school budgets. This year’s fundraiser will once again be a sale of World’s Finest Chocolates and Laura Secord Chocolates, and begins Tuesday, February 14 and runs till Friday, March 3.  Students will only be given one case at a time. It is their choice as to which case they would like to sell.

Each year we raise approximately $6000 through chocolate sales. All the proceeds of this sale provide funding for a variety of important student events throughout the school year including;

  • Student council events
  • Athletic programs
  • Music and drama programs
  • Class trips

As you can see, many of the events that make school exciting for students are supported by funds raised during this event. We are encouraging all students, especially those participating in sports teams and grads, to sell a minimum of one case of chocolates each.

Each box of chocolate almonds / Laura Secord Bar sells for $3.00 and there are 30 boxes in a case. Of the $90.00, we earn a profit of approximately $40.00 per case. Students can order additional cases once the money from the previous case has been turned in.

As an incentive and thankyou to those who are selling, we have a number of prizes including free lunches, movies passes, Subway gift cards and LC clothing. The grand prize for the top sellers (one for grade 7 – 9 and another for grade 10 -12) is to choose a prize that is of value to them, up to a total $150.00. If there is a tie, then we will split the prize between the students. Additionally, two prize draws will be held for those that have sold at least one case. The first will be on Wednesday, February 22 and the second will be on Friday, March 3.

Students should turn in any chocolates that they cannot sell by Wednesday, March 1, so that we can redistribute the remaining products to those students who still have customers to sell to. As of Friday, March 3, any money and/or chocolates not returned will be charged to the student’s account in the parent portal. We cannot accept chocolates after March 3.

It would be greatly appreciated if parents wrote a cheque to the school (instead of cash) for the money collected. This will help verify if students have turned in money in the event there is a discrepancy in records.

We also remind students that they need to be careful with their chocolates once they have received them, as they are then responsible for the $90.00 value of their case.

If a family would simply like to donate money to the school fundraiser instead of having their child sell chocolates, we would gladly accept that donation. Each donation of $40.00 would include their child in the prize draws as well.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at the school anytime.

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