Grade 11 Learning Trips

The Grade 11 class went on two field trips as a part of their learning about Human Rights in Canada.

Their first visit was to The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, where students interacted with hands on exhibits, and participated in discussions and activities promoting awareness of human rights violations in Canada’s past. Students were challenged to consider how we are working towards a more just future.

Ten students also visited a Hutterite colony school to learn more about the contributions minority groups have made to Canadian society. It was interesting seeing how Hutterites structure their community, make decisions as a group and learning about their history here in Manitoba. The highlight of the day was meeting members of their community; talking with people and seeing how their culture is similar to our own.

These trips helped students understand the society they live in and how they can contribute as active members of their communities now and in the future.

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Grade 7 Showcase of Learning

The grade seven classes get to discover their creative side by building structures made out of Keva planks.  Each Keva plank is the same size and students create structures by stacking them. There’s no need for glue or connectors as it’s a balancing act of force.  Dylan M. figured out how to put together a library scene while Larissa H., Katelyn B. and Mercede L. mastered the spiral.  Matt K. creates complicated structures and towers changing up his designs daily.  Rory S. attempted the tallest tower to date, by trying to reach the ceiling.  Rachel P. enjoys making gravity coasters that allows a ping pong ball to roll along.  The planks are being used on a daily basis, at lunch, at break and during free time.  They are a big hit!!!


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Learning Trip to the Youth Bio Lab

The grade 8 class got the opportunity to go to the Youth Bio Lab in the Research Center at St. Boniface Hospital on October 27th. On this learning trip they got a tour of the cardiology labs and learned about the current research taking place in cardiology. Students also learned about blood pressure and got to take each other’s blood pressure. A few students got to experience an EKG while their peers watched their heart being monitored. The day finished off with a dissection of a pig’s heart. Students explored the path that blood takes through the heart and got to cut open the heart to examine the atria, ventricles, veins and arteries. It was a great learning experience that really added to their understanding of the circulatory system.

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